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Dental Vacuum Forming Machine Laminating Machine

Dental Vacuum Forming Machine Laminating Machine

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Dental Vacuum Forming Machine Laminating Machine 800W Power Former Heat Molding Dental Lab Equipment 110V/220V



➤ Compatible with all dental thermoplastics and can be applied for making night guards, custom trays, base plates, temporary splints, bruxism splints, and copings.

➤ Solid steel rust-resistant body with rugged painted finish protection.Has a built in vacuum pump and doesn’t need an extra compressor.

➤ Symmetrical heating element, ensuring uniform heat distribution.Low noise in operation.

➤ Largest object size that can be placed on the platform is 5" x 5".The forming depth is about 2".Can work with both square plates or round plates.

➤ Compatible with all dental thermoplastics & Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications.


How to use?
1. Put the plaster model on the tray.Use steel balls to bury the part that do not need to be formed.
2. Set up the PVC film.Raise the PVC film clamp to working height.
3. Turn on the heater by using heating button.Waiting for the film become soften.
4. When the PVC film becomes soft enough (usually it will sag 1 to 2cm),press down the lifting rod to cover the heated soften PVC film over the plaster model.
5. Turn off the heater.Press down the molding button and wait for 10 to 15 seconds.Molding finish.
6.After the film cooling down,use a scissor to remove the excess part.


Voltage: 110V/60Hz ± 10%
Power: 600W
Dimensions: 25 × 21 × 30cm(9.8 × 8.3 × 11.8 inch).
Forming size:126*126mm(5 x 5 inch)
Weight: 11.42 Lbs.



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