Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boats

This outboard engine is intended for Intext boats, and is ready to suit most Intex boat models, together with the contender 3; the Seahawk two, 3, 4; the Excursion three, 4, five and also the crewman three and four boats. this might conjointly compatible with most expansive boats that have integral motor mount fittings. The motor is very quiet and features a water cooling system.

The control panel encompasses a battery meter, automatic escape weed key, dry operation protection, and overload protection management. The adjustable handle may be leaning upward forty-five, 30, 15, 0 degrees. Handle tilts downward: zero – seventy-five degrees. Handles extend half-dozen inches (15cm). This makes the outboard simple to handle and strain-free for hands. management on the handle has five forward speed, OFF and reverse 3-speed functions. The motor is appropriate for each fresh and H2O cruising.

Maximum Power (W) : 420W.
Voltage : 12V DC.
Thrust: 40 lbs/180N.
Shaft length in inches: 36 (91.40cm).

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