LED Tshirt Sound Activated


A Tshirt to set your party mood on !. The Tshirt is fitted with a sound-activated graphic LED display. This dancing light is sensitive to sound and works like an Equalizer whenever there is a sound or music nearby. The Device Is attached with Rechargeable Lithium Battery and Works For Approx 5 Hours In One Full Recharge.

Tshirt with graphic LED light
Black Tshirt with Graphic LED equalizer light

LED display
closeup view

Tshirts are 100% Cotton and fit the panel on the chest using Velcro. The electronic panel is not in any direct contact with your skin which makes it safe to wear.

LED Tshirt back view
LED Tshirt back view
Led graphic equalizer is attached to T shirt using Velcro tape
Led graphic equalizer is attached to T-shirt using velcro tape