Electric Pore Vacuum Suction Blackhead Whitehead Remover

A multi-functional face cleansing device for girls and men. This defect removal tool offers higher and deeper removal of stubborn blackheads. you’ll be able to take away oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outer surface, take away defect disease of the skin, cut back grease and helps in skin rejuvenation. Includes four interchangeable suction heads for every kind of skin.

  1. small circular hole suction head is Crafted to scrub the blackheads wherever the big hole cannot reach.
  2. Micro-crystal hole suction head exfoliates dead skin. It exfoliates albuminoid by rubbing and uptake at an equivalent time.
  3. Giant circular hole suction head can eliminate defect and skin condition expeditiously. good for stubborn defect
  4. Elliptical suction head (Egg-shaped) makes your skin an additional elastic and compact good for t zone. This vacuum suction provides a massage to your skin thereby increase skin blood circulation.

The device has four adjustable suction force choices with one-button style. you’ll change the force you wish to cure your pore. One-press style to vary the force and long press to clean up the device

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